Spyro Reveals His Feelings For Tiwa Savage

The renowned singer Tiwa Savage is a fresh inspiration for the Nigerian musician Spyro, who has expressed his adoration for her. After including the vocalist on the remix of his smash tune “Who’s Your Guy,” which was published a week ago, Spyro declared his affection for the musician.

In a recent post, Spyro discussed how he has formed an emotional attachment to Tiwa Savage and how he may have to stop talking to her on the phone in order to prevent himself from falling deeper in love with her. He said he may have to do this to prevent himself from falling deeper in love with her. He praised her incredible spirit and divulged that Tiwa is the guy with the most guyness in his life.Spyro Reveals His Feelings For Tiwa Savage, Yours Truly, News, May 23, 2024

Love, admiration, and appreciation are feelings that occur naturally between individuals. It’s wonderful to see that these feelings can be cultivated and expanded in a way that is beneficial to both parties and their followers. Tiwa Savage and Spyro are two of the most talented and dedicated musicians Nigeria has produced in recent years. If they decided to take their relationship to the next level, it would be fascinating to see what they could produce together.

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