Spyro Speaks On Spiritual Guidance In Choosing A Partner Especially In Lagos

Nigerian musician Oludipe Olawasanmi David, better known by his stage name Spyro, has recently shared his thoughts on finding a mate in the modern day. The musician underlined the significance of involving God in selecting a mate.

Spyro Speaks On Spiritual Guidance In Choosing A Partner Especially In Lagos, Yours Truly, News, April 18, 2024

The gifted singer-songwriter is a well-known Christian and isn’t afraid to show off his spiritual steadfastness. His most recent song, the remix of “Who’s Your Guy” with Tiwa Savage, has been one of the hottest songs to emerge from the Nigerian music industry this year. The Christ ambassador gave his fans some advice on social media, cautioning them against putting their faith in their ability to make the proper partner selection, particularly in a setting like Lagos. He also said that when the devil aims to ruin an individual, he sometimes sends the wrong companion their way, and it only takes God to help one discern ‘who is who, and what is what.’

He wrote:

My fellow brothers and sisters, we need God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit to marry in this Lagos/world, do not for a sec think you can choose a partner by physical senses… When the devil wants to totally destroy a life, he sends a man/woman…Beware.

Before you make that decision ,go to the creator of man who knows the heart
Kindly Note that Her parents ,friends and family can’t give you the needed info as even the Bible says “ The heart of man is deceitful and desperately wicked ,who can know it?” (Jeremiah 17:9)

Take your time to enquire before you move to marry … A man(man/woman) without GOD over him is a BEAST ,it is GOD in man that regulates him ,if he or she is not submitted to GOD PLS RUN.

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