Stacey Ryan Releases Debut EP ‘I Don’t Know What Love Is’

Stacey Ryan, the queen of “Jazz-Tok,” a 22-year-old singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Montreal, has released her much-awaited first EP “I Don’t Know What Love Is” today on Island Records. The EP follows the release of her most recent single, “Bad For Me,” which was released just a week ago.

The 6-track EP includes previously released hits such as the R&B-infused “Bad For Me,” which contains airy falsettos, jazzy horns, and soulful production. “Fall In Love Alone,” “Deep End,” and “Over Tonight” are also famous hits from the EP. “The Idea” and “Somebody Good” are two new songs on the EP. The majority of the EP was recorded in Los Angeles’ famed Henson Studios, which has hosted legendary musicians such as Carole King, Joni Mitchell, and John Lennon.

This EP came to be in February of 2021, and it was a super exciting time in my life as I had just signed with Island Records. We hopped into songwriting sessions and emerged with 20-ish songs that would contain the whole EP and we didn’t even know it yet. I’ve been super fortunate to make this project with my closest friends, THE ELEVEN and Boy Blue in LA, who are some of the most talented musicians/ producers I ever worked with. After picking our favorite songs we realized there was a common thread between all of them: they’re all about a different kind of love or relationship, and there’s no true typical love song on it either… that’s where the name I Don’t Know What Love Is came from!”

The release of “I Don’t Know What Love Is” marks the completion of Jake Wesley Rogers’ Peace Love & Pluto Tour, a seven-week, 30-city trek through the United States and Canada that concludes on April 13th in Austin. Stacey will then go to Europe with Joshua Bassett for two weeks of shows beginning April 28th in Germany, Amsterdam, Paris, and the United Kingdom. Stacey will also perform at Java Jazz, Indonesia’s largest music event, the famed Montreux Jazz event in Switzerland, and the Mad Cool Festival in Madrid.


  1. Deep End
  2. Fall In Love Alone
  3. Bad For Me
  4. The Idea
  5. Over Tonight
  6. Somebody Good


Stacey Ryan Releases Debut Ep 'I Don’t Know What Love Is', Yours Truly, News, February 25, 2024

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