Star Boy: Alicia Keys Opens Up About Working With Wizkid; Speaks On Collaboration

With her latest claim about working with Nigerian music star Wizkid, American superstar Alicia Keys gained attention on Nigerian blogs. The “The Girl on Fire” singer was eager to collaborate with Wizkid because he comes from a unique and intricate culture. Alicia Keys also discussed her creative process when working with the Nigerian star in the conversation.

Star Boy: Alicia Keys Opens Up About Working With Wizkid; Speaks On Collaboration, Yours Truly, News, April 22, 2024

Afrobeats musician Wizkid from Nigeria was recently mentioned by legendary American vocalist Alicia Keys. In an interview, Alicia discussed collaborating with the Made in Lagos singer, which sparked discussion online. The international R&B artist was sincere about the partnership with the Nigerian celebrity. She said,

 “We actually vibed on some stuff, and it was dope. I think that’s one thing that is so incredible about music. Whenever music cross-pollinates and starts to blow in the wind, it comes all around and be influenced by different sounds…. When that happens, I feel like the greatest music happened,” she said in part.

When Wizkid’s Made in Lagos first came out, it was praised domestically and internationally. International star Alicia Keys was one of those who first listened to the album, and she described it as “pure fire.”

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