Steven Tyler Refutes Allegations of Sexual Assault on a Minor, Seeks Lawsuit Dismissal

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has submitted a response to the lawsuit made against him by Julia Misley, who claims that he sexually assaulted her when she was a minor in the 1970s. Tyler denies all allegations and asks that the case be dismissed in his response filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Misley, formerly known as Julia Holcomb, says Tyler sexually abused and battered her as a teen. Tyler, she claims, persuaded her mother to give him formal guardianship when she was 16 years old, resulting in a three-year sexual relationship. Misley’s lawsuit is based on Tyler’s memoir, in which he writes about nearly marrying a teenager and gaining legal custody to escape arrest if he takes her out of state on tour.

Furthermore, Misley claims Tyler duped her into thinking they were having a romantic love affair and coerced her into having an abortion when she was 17 and became pregnant with his child. Tyler’s memoir, she claims, caused her “involuntary infamy” and further disrupted her life.

Tyler’s attorney, Shawn Holley, responded to the accusations by presenting 24 affirmative defenses that denied all claims. Holley claims that the plaintiff agreed to the relationship and that Tyler had immunity at the time as her formal guardian. The defense also claims that Misley experienced no damage or injury as a result of Tyler’s actions, and that any damages that were determined were not caused by him.

Tyler’s attorney also uses First Amendment protections for the memoir references and brings the issue of Misley’s claims’ statute of limitations. According to the defense, Misley filed the lawsuit shortly after the look-back period allowed by California’s Child Victims Act expired. Survivors of childhood sexual assault can now come forward with their claims, regardless of the statute of limitations, thanks to legislation passed in 2019.

As the legal battle between Steven Tyler and Julia Misley continues, Tyler asserts his innocence and requests that the case be dismissed. The outcome of this high-profile lawsuit could have far-reaching consequences for both parties concerned.

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