Stonebwoy Discusses Ghana Music, Nigerian Artists, Gender Roles, Afrobeats & More

The Nigerian music business is in front of Ghana’s on the global music scene, according to Ghanaian dancehall singer Stonebwoy. Stonebwoy, who has close contact with Nigerian performers, explained the success of the country’s musicians in an interview with Breakfast Club Show in America. He credited their large population. Stonebwoy asserted that Nigeria’s large population benefits the music business.

The singer also said that performers from Nigeria are tenacious, combative, industrious, and have a winning mentality. However, Stonebwoy emphasized that both nations inspire one another, which furthers each nation’s prosperity. Stonebwoy also praised our local musicians for giving it their all despite lacking Nigerians’ level of support and financial resources.

He expressed his gladness in seeing some of his fellow Ghanaian artists secure lucrative international record and distribution deals as it gives them the same access to play on the same stage with big acts from Nigeria. He also spoke of the prominent Nigerian musicians always coming to chill in Ghana and how all African musicians are playing different roles in pushing the African sound, which has primarily been the end goal, regardless of the country of origin.

The musician spoke candidly about the development of the Afrobeat genre, its influence on Africa, and other musical subgenres that still need to be discovered there. The musician continued by discussing his career, a potentially fatal accident, his altercation with Shatta Wale, and other intriguing subjects. Watch the full interview below.

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