Stormzy Is Awarded An Honorary Degree From Exeter University

As a musician, Stormzy has already accomplished incredible things. From performing freestyles and winning fights, he went on to become an internationally renowned pop musician who gave back to his community through his platform. He has previously started scholarship funds, built a publishing firm to promote underrepresented voices, and routinely supports up-and-coming talent across the UK.

He has now received an honorary degree from the University of Exeter as a result of his work throughout the years. Stormzy received an honorary degree on Tuesday, June 21, from The University of Exeter in recognition of “his outstanding achievements in the field of higher education, philanthropy, and widening participation.”

Additionally, Stormzy spoke to the graduating class and discussed his own educational experience. Before his rap career took off, Stormzy enrolled at Cambridge University, but he was expelled for playing a prank. He acknowledged the graduating class’s commitment while reflecting on his own struggles to complete post-secondary education.

“The journey I took to get to this moment has been considerably different to yours,” he said. You guys have the guts and the grit and the dedication that it takes to study for years and to finish your degree, whereas I got my AS results in my first year of college and said, ‘Yeah, see you later.’

Watch the speech below, beginning at 1:10:00 mark.


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