Summer Walker Shows Off New Shaved Hairstyle

R&B singer, Summer Walker has everyone shook with her new look. The singer debuted a new hairstyle that has her entire head completely shaved off, except for some locs in the center.

Back in November, Summer gained some new tatts, adding to already existing ones. She and her new lover, LVRD Pharaoh, got matching tattoos of each other’s names on their faces. Hers was to the left of her left eye, while Pharaoh’s is above his right eyebrow.

Like that and her previously done nose job was not enough, she decided to switch up her physical appearance again by saying farewell to her natural hair, chopping it all off and keeping just a patch of hair at the center of her head. Turns out it’s been something she’s always wanted to do her whole life, according to her caption.

The new hairdo immediately became fresh content for fans and followers, as it gave rise to several funny posts about her new look.

Many teased her and compared her looks to both real and fictional characters.

Hopefully this does not interfere with her music, seeing as she released her long-awaited sophomore album, Still Over It in early November, which went straight to the Billboard 200 charts and became the first No. 1 R&B album by a woman on the chart in five years.

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