SZA Reveals The Release Date For Her Upcoming Album S.O.S

By unveiling the album’s cover art at the start of December, Sza gave her fans their first taste of her impending release. She remained mum on the specifics, though. Thankfully, the singer did not wait too long to provide more information; she has already confirmed the release date.

SZA announced the release date of her new album SOS during a recent appearance on Saturday Night Live (SNL). While performing her hit song Shirt, the singer made the announcement. Her 2018 album S.O.S is the follow-up to CTRL. Since then, the singer’s subsequent album has been eagerly anticipated by fans. Speaking to Billboard, SZA acknowledged that SOS differed from her previous album since so much had changed in the process.

She claims that both her work and her feelings have changed. These, according to the singer, are some of the modifications that her most recent album will have for the fans. SZA also discussed whether the difficulties she had between the two albums were worthwhile in the conversation. The singer was nevertheless eager to share her new work with her audience.

When SZA dropped her album in 2017, she got a lasting taste of sweet success. The singer was stunned by the unexpected recognition. But she made the choice to concentrate on what she did best—music.

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