T-Pain Ascribes His Inspiration To David Banner & Killer Mike

Some people get to receive their flowers when they are alive; others don’t receive anything until they’re cold and dead. Well, David Banner and Killer Mike fall into the first category. At least T-Pain credits them for his business sense.

It all started with a rude awakening one day. During a chat with AfroTech, the producer had noted that he was broke but wasn’t aware of that until he wanted to buy a house, and someone on his team told him he didn’t have money for that.

Somebody had moved out of the house in front of him, and he’d wanted to buy up the place but got a rude shock when a team member told him the state of his finances. He was careless with his funds then and wasn’t even seriously looking to add to his bag.

But that event changed his life for good. He started keeping his eyes open for deals. Asking questions where necessary and also making contributions. He specifically pointed at Killer Mike and David Banner as inspirations.

In the case of the latter, he noted the career trajectory, how Banner had moved from music to speaking and starting his own production company all on his own.

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