T-Pain Talks With Trevor Noah About Anxiety, Depression, Mentoring Others, And More

T-Pain claims that he battled depression and anxiety earlier in his career while he sought recognition in the music business. During a recent visit on The Daily Show, the renowned musician opened up to Trevor Noah about the situation.

T-Pain noted during his justification for speaking openly about his difficulties with mental health, “Nobody tells you about the down. Everybody always tells you about the up. And I always look back at the people who came before me and I’m like, ‘Why didn’t y’all tell me about this?’”

Later, when asked if he had any regrets regarding his career, T-Pain replied that he was happy with how everything had turned out, with the exception of making a joke about not wearing condoms. In another segment of The Daily Show, Roy Wood Jr. and Michael Kosta paid a visit to T-Pain at his Atlanta home studio.

In the sketch, Kosta abruptly pushes T-Pain to listen to a brand-new song he just finished recording, much to Wood Jr. As T-Pain and Snoop Dogg recently revealed plans to go on a Holidaze of Blaze tour across the Midwest for a number of gigs running up to Christmas, they were recently interviewed on The Daily Show.

Warren G, the Ying Yang Twins, and Justin Champagne will all perform as well. On December 13, a debut performance is expected in West Valley, Utah. The video below contains excerpts from T-Pain’s appearance on The Daily Show.

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