Tamar Braxton Says, “These Dudes Out Here Are For Everybody,” After Allegedly Getting Engaged To An Atlanta Businessman

Tamar Braxton’s love life made headlines over the summer as the singer was photographed holding Jermey Robinson’s hand while attending the Atlanta businessman’s surprise birthday celebration. A beauty photo on Braxton’s Instagram page on August 18 would soon lead to engagement rumors.

The 45-year-old captioned the photo with words from Rasheeda’s song “Marry Me.” Put it on him make ’em want to marry me,’ Braxton wrote.

Despite the fact that, except from stating that she is currently dating someone, Braxton has never before made any public revelations about her purported connection with Robinson, the mother of one on November 13 provided her fans some insight into her dating philosophy.

When asked about dating obstacles and whether or not she is in a relationship during the Ultimate Women’s Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, Braxton revealed that one of the hardest things about dating in Atlanta is realizing that “these dudes out here is for everybody.”

The singer of dispelled earlier dating rumors by explaining why she is exclusively interested with herself.

“I’m involved with myself because these dudes out here is for everybody,” said Tamar. “I had to really pick that up, especially moving back to Atlanta; I didn’t know these guys were so communal. Somebody could have told me that.”

At the conclusion of her remarks, Braxton said that despite the fact that some women are taught to accept those specific circumstances, which included sharing a man, she revealed that she is not attracted to doing that.

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