Tekno Releases “Freetown,” A Socially Aware Song

Tekno, an Afropop superstar, has a new smash called “Freetown,” which surprises most of his fans. As a follow-up to his most recent joint effort with Falz, the singer’s first official record for 2023 is called “Freetown.” Tekno laments Nigeria’s lack of money and petrol in this brand-new song. In addition, he went into great detail about how fundamental social amenities are lacking in Nigeria. Tekno started releasing music in 2012, and his career has steadily advanced.

Soon after the global success of his singles “Duro” and “Pana,” he started to gain fame. Beyoncé and Drake have used his music and features thanks to his melodic tone and distinctive production approach. The Afro-Pop artist exhibits a broader spectrum of styles with his new singles. Tekno’s music talent is displayed in the song “Freetown,” which has a catchy melody, contagious rhythms, and thought-provoking lyrics that will hit home with listeners.

Production for “Freetown” is under the direction of the skilled Xtofa, famous for his outstanding production abilities, and has collaborated with many prominent musicians in Nigeria. The skillful touch of Xtofa is audible throughout the entire song as he crafts a lush and dynamic sound landscape that wonderfully accentuates Tekno’s vocals. Like with “Rara” and “Better,” Tekno was able to get his point across. So, go check it out and hear what he has to say.

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