Tempest Unveils “Heathens”

Emerging singer-songwriter Tempest shares her enticing new single and visual “Heathens”. Ushering in a refreshed alt-R&B sound with a pop edge, “Heathens” offers listeners a full view of Tempest’s artistic versatility and storytelling. The new single finds her on a tumultuous ride as she delves into her dark side. “Heathens” is ripe with steamy innuendos paired with electronic pop production and lush vocals; touching on the thrill of seeking new feelings and fulfilling fantasies derived from heartbreak all while becoming addicted and entangled with a toxic new lover.

Tempest Unveils &Quot;Heathens&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, April 15, 2024
Photo Credit: Rae Blackman @Gaptoothshorty

Speaking on the track, Tempest shares: “Heathens is showing how quickly a situation can have you moving ‘unusual’. You start getting addicted to their ways. Doing things you’ve never done before and it shocks you a bit because you like it there. You start to become them in a sense. Slowly turning into a heathen.”

The accompanying visual features budding artist Jean Carter of Your Grandparents as a love interest and depicts the complex emotion surrounding good girl Tempest as she treks through the streets of New York, only to unveil a dark version of herself. “Heathens” is a continuation of Tempest’s raw storytelling stemming from heartbreak and vulnerability, it offers listeners a taste of what’s to come from the fast-rising artist. Her music encompasses messages of love and empowerment and is imbued with drive, confidence, self-awareness, and an unconfined sound that showcases her evolution and talent as she defies genre and continues to carve her unique lane.

Stream/watch “Heathens” below and stay tuned for more news to follow from Tempest.



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