Teni Calls Out “Broke” Sugar Daddy In Funny Video

Teni Apata, a prominent Nigerian singer and performer, has released a video that has since gone viral in which she calls out her “broke” sugar daddy. In the Tooxclusive-shared video, Teni can be heard lamenting her sugar daddy’s inconsiderate nature.

According to reports, Teni disclosed that her sugar daddy had asked her to travel to Abuja by train with her buddies and then questioned whether he would say the same thing to his own daughters. She also revealed that he sent her a pitiful sum of N1,500 for data and N50,000 despite knowing how costly her wig is and how difficult the economic situation in the country has become.

Teni announced after the video that she is seeking a new sugar daddy because her current one has proven to be “broke.” Her post was accompanied by the caption “I need a new sugar daddy!!! “, which prompted numerous responses from her followers.

Teni is a well-known vocalist in Nigeria and has made a name for herself in the music industry thanks to her distinctive style and extraordinary talent. She has received numerous accolades, including the Headies Awards for Best Female Vocal Performance and Best Album of the Year.

The video of Teni calling out her sugar daddy has caused a stir on social media, with many admirers supporting her search for a new one. Others have criticized her for pursuing a sugar daddy in the first place. some have even interpreted it as a joke.

The concept of sugar fathers is not new in Nigeria, and in some circles it has become the norm. Many young women seek out sugar fathers for financial support, whereas some sugar daddies seek out younger women for companionship and other purposes.

Teni’s callout of her sugar daddy has generated significant buzz on social media, with many admirers supporting her search for a replacement. While the concept of sugar daddies is not new in Nigeria, it is essential to note that relying on older men for financial support is not a viable way to make a living.

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