Teni Cries For Help After Spending Almost Half A Million On Breakfast

Teniola ‘Teni” Apata is in the news after spending a considerable sum of money as payment for feeding in one go. The Celebrity took to social media to show the bill after eating and lamented the vast amount it cost.

Teni Cries For Help After Spending Almost Half A Million On Breakfast, Yours Truly, News, February 24, 2024
Daily Trust

Superstar Teni Makanaki recently dined at Atlanta’s Real Milk and Honey for breakfast, paying over $611 (more than N281 thousand). The singer wondered why she would spend that much on breakfast as she showed her receipt on her Instagram story.

She remarked, “$611 on breakfast; half a million.”

What did I eat? Half a million for breakfast. “Can you hear that…?” as she referred the rhetorical question to her company, letting out a light chuckle.

The Afrobeat Star has been trying to lose weight for a time, and to many people’s astonishment, her weight has significantly decreased. On the Glitch Africa podcast, she discussed her journey and disclosed that she has been dieting and is in good physical shape.

When questioned, she responded, “Good. Good. Really, Really, Really good. I feel great.” Teni also admitted that because she is on a diet, she cannot eat what her pals do when they go out to eat or have fun. She claims that it sometimes makes her sad.

She clarified, though, that as time has continued to pass, she has learned and realized that what she is doing was beneficial to her.


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