Teni Finally Reveals Why She Lost Weight

Nigerian singer and songwriter Teni has finally revealed why she lost weight.

“Uyo Meyo” singer Teni stole the scene with her music many years back. Her hits have endeared her to the hearts of music lovers in the country and abroad. But, Teni’s new look had tongues wagging and everyone staring at her photos in surprise.

New photos of the singer, which were shared late last year, showed that she had lost a lot of weight. She looked slimmer than she used to be, and fans noted that she looked more beautiful. Everyone has been talking about her since. Still, no one knew the reason for her weight loss. For all we knew, she wanted a new look.

The “Case” singer has finally opened up about it. To celebrate the new year, Teni shared a video showing her weight loss journey with her message attached. The message read, “I realized you only have one life. Me, I don’t want to die. If you need inspiration, look at me. Impossible is nothing!! Happy new year 23.”

This proves that her choice to lose weight without surgery resulted from health issues. Fans have since taken to the comments section to praise her for following through.

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