Teni Rejects The Purchase Of N13m Luxury Watch; Bemoans Price

During a recent trip to the United States, Teniola Apata, better known by her stage name “Teni,” decided to purchase a gold-crest watch at a high-end jewelry shop. Teni was stunned when she learned the cost: $29,500 (N183,584,000). Until he stressed $29,000, she was confident the jewelry store employee had mentioned $2,900. The “Billionaire” crooner then playfully informed the salesperson to return the timepiece as she was no longer interested in buying it as it was pretty pricey and above her budget. She also compared buying landed properties in the High-brow areas of Lagos like Lekki with such an amount.

Remember how the celebrity made headlines a few weeks ago when she lamented the expense of eating breakfast with friends in Atlanta? Superstar Teni Makanaki had breakfast at Real Milk and Honey in Atlanta and spent more than $611 (more than N481 thousand). The singer posted a photo of her breakfast receipt to her Instagram story, asking herself why she would spend that much on it. The celebrity posted a picture of the check after dining and regretted how much it cost.

“$611 on breakfast; half a million,” she observed. What did I eat? Half a million for breakfast. “Can you hear that…?” She chuckled lightly as she addressed her company with the satirical query.

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