Terry G And Portable Are Gearing Up To Release Their Joint New Single

Terry G and Portable, two street-hop musicians, will release a new song together. Terry G and Portable (Zazuu), two of the biggest street pop singers, have collaborated in the studio and are getting ready to release a new song with a music video. This comes after multiple posts of comparisons and queries about who is what and who does what better.

Although neither the title of the song nor the official release date has been announced, fans are extremely enthusiastic about the duo’s collaboration.

Since he has been the face of street pop for more than ten years, Terry G has frequently voiced his thoughts on the Portable comparison. The “Akpako Master,” who disapproved of the similarity, cautioned supporters against equating “original” and “photocopy.” One Twitter user demanded an apology from Terry G from people who equated Portable’s actions to his.

After Portable claimed in a viral video that he was a “baboon” who lived in the zoo and that police had broken into his pub to arrest him, the comparison game between him and the “Ginjah master” became increasingly heated in recent events.

The “Akpako master,” as Terry G was affectionately known, was well-known for his unusual fashion choices, contentious lyrics, and maybe awkward persona. Until he appeared to disappear off the radar, he was also regarded as Nigeria’s “weirdest and craziest singer.” It’s nice to see the Akpako master in action again.

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