The-Dream Recounts Kanye West Dozing Off While Making “All Of The Lights”

The-Dream continues to be the best at delivering chart-toppers despite producing hits for many years. The mega-producer has collaborated with a number of our favorite musicians to create timeless classics, and Beyoncé is the subject of his most talked-about recent project.

In his interview on Deep Hidden Meaning Radio with Nile Rodgers on Apple Music 1, The-Dream remembered a time when Ye dozed off on him. Kanye West is another artist he had previous collaborations with.

Ye dozed off when they were recording “All of the Lights,” West’s All-Star song from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. “’All of The Lights,’ oh man, wow, ‘All of the Lights.’ I was doing 4 in New York for [Beyoncé] . We were working on 4 and Kanye happened to come by the studio,” rehashed Dream.

“So, we got the booth working, brought the engineer down, recorded. And after the first take, which ended up being the song that you hear now, he said, ‘Nah, nah, nah, nah, try another one,'” said Dream.

“Like, ‘Okay. All right.’ Got another one. ‘Oh, try another one, Dream.’ It’s like, ‘Okay.’ I got to like number eight of the song I did. I look out, Kanye West is sleep. And I’m like, I’m looking through the glass like, ‘Yo, is he asleep?’ B’s like, ‘Yeah, he’s kind of knocked out.’ I’m like, ‘What?'”

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