The Game Dissects How Dr. Dre Made The “How We Do” Collaboration With 50 Cent Happen

In order to promote his most recent album, Drillmatic: Heart vs. Mind, the Los Angeles rapper keeps sharing memories from his career. Recently, he spoke with Carl Lamarre for The Debut Live. Game discussed his single from The Documentary, “How We Do,” which included 50 Cent, and explained how Dr. Dre played a crucial role in bringing the two artists together.

Game claims that Dr. Dre overheard him just rapping to himself as he was moving down a hallway. Game is said to have been questioned by the Aftermath executive what he was “mumbling,” but he ignored the question because he didn’t think it was significant at the time. Game gave a couple lines after Dre wouldn’t let it go, and the mega-producer wanted to start the track straight away.

“After I got done, Dre was like, ‘Yeah, I f*ck with this sh*t,'” Game rehashed. “Two weeks later, I came back to the studio and 50 was on this motherf*cka. And it was like, ’50, uh’—and at this time, 50 was big as a motherf*cka, so I was happy about that ’cause he was in G-Unit, but Dre had let 50 get on it and 50 knew what the f*ck it was when he heard it, so he just got on it with me, and that’s how ‘How We Do’ was made.”

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