The Game Takes Another Shot At 50 Cent, This Time Detailing A Hypothetical Film And “Abandonment”

Former G-Unit teammates The Game and 50 Cent have a symbiotic relationship, and the California rapper isn’t about to back down. Following the Super Bowl halftime show, Game had a few thoughts about not being asked to add his voice to the program, which featured Detroit’s Eminem and New York’s Mary J. Blige and 50 Cent.

Game even targeted Fif’s girlfriend on social media, disclosing previous DMs, and the feud was brought up again during the hit-maker’s appearance on the I Am Athlete podcast. The Game was asked if he would make an album or a movie with 50 Cent during the interview, and he was told he had to pick one.

Game retaliated by wondering what type of hypothetical film this would be, given that he recently stated that Fif can’t rap. “Yo… I’d do… What kinda movie?” Game asked. “If we on the opposite sides in the movie, I think the movie is he abandoned his son and I come in, you know what I’m sayin’, to the baby moms and show her how, you know, a real dad is.”

This appears to allude to 50 Cent’s tumultuous connection with his first-born son, Marquise, in real life. “Sometimes you need loose change,” Game joked when asked to say anything nice about 50 Cent. Check out the video below to see his entire appearance on I Am Athlete.

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