“The King & I” By Eminem And Cee-Lo Green, Will Be Released Tomorrow

“The King & I,” from the upcoming “Elvis” film soundtrack, features Eminem and Cee-Lo Green.

Back in May, Eminem teased a collaboration with Cee-Lo Green, saying that the rapper and the singer will collaborate on the original soundtrack for Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis Presley biopic, Elvis. The album, dubbed “The King & I,” now has a release date as well as artwork. “The King & I,” as Eminem stated on Instagram today, will be available for streaming on Thursday, June 16 at Noon ET.

Despite this, some fans got a sneak peek at the album when it debuted on the Cannes red carpet to muddy audio — Em’s lyrical acrobatics can still be heard: “I rolled up like the bottom of a toothpaste tube/ Blue suede shoes, one missin’ a shoelace too/Two chains, you can call me 2 Chainz/ Ropes hang like Hussein’s noose/ Yeah, they let the fruitcake loose/ It goes one for the trailer park, two for my baby mas/ Three for the tater tots, four if you ate a lot.”

In a new interview with KTLA, Cee-Lo Green talked about the upcoming duet, saying, “Me and Eminem have been friends for years, I’ve longed for an opportunity to work with him,” He explained. On June 24, the film “Elvis” will be released in theaters.

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