The Lamentations Of Don Jazzy – Here Is Why The Mavin Boss Is Unhappy

Nigerian record producer Don Jazzy has lamented the impact of the activities of crooks who sell his number to people who eventually get in touch with him to beg for money.

As a celebrity and one of the leading figures in Nigeria’s music universe, it is inevitable that people would want to get in touch with him for several reasons – to share their art and get his opinion on their music, to solicit financial aid, and so much more.

Well, the Mavin boss is already feeling the hit of requests and has had to drop his thoughts on what is going on.

He noted that his phone is permanently on DND (do not disturb), and although people might think him cocky because of that, there is actually a reason for the DND. First is that some people have sold his number to people who now call him to make one request or the other.

He has helped a few. But he can only do so much. If he should decide to help everyone who gets to him through the number they brought from people, then he would end up broke.

What more? Those who buy his number and get in touch with him would never disclose the name of the person who sold the number to them

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