The Model Who Claimed Adam Levine Flirted With Her Hosts A Lucrative Strip Club Gig

We would refrain from making assumptions about the reasons why model Alyson Rose posted a private discussion she purportedly had with Adam Levine on Instagram. However, we do observe that she isn’t exactly averse to the money and fame that were the largely foreseen outcomes of her revelation.

Model Sumner Stroh made the allegation in September; Levine has denied it; and it quickly gained traction on Tik Tok. Stroh claimed that the Maroon 5 singer had a “physical” affair with her, and that as a result, she felt “exploited” and “manipulated.” The following day, Instagram model Rose stated that her interaction with Levine, who she claimed had flirted with her online, had been entirely different.

In exchange for what insiders described as a “large” payment, Rose hosted Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in Las Vegas on Saturday night. Rose “seemed to be in good spirits as she toasted [with] vodka cocktails while attending ‘Exxcite The Show,’ the club’s newly launched female revue,” and she “cheered [the cast] on from the comfort of her plush VIP section,” according to the report, during the three-hour performance.

Later, she and several friends reportedly rode the elevator to the club’s rooftop “to enjoy some steamy fun with male strippers at the ‘Kings Of Hustler’ male revue.” It’s possible that we’ll never learn why Rose disclosed Levine’s itch to direct message her—perhaps out of a sense of obligation to the institution of marriage.

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