The Music Venue Trust’s “Own Our Venues” Initiative Has Received The Support Of Ed Sheeran

For the Music Venue Trust’s “Own Our Venues” campaign, Ed Sheeran has vowed his support. As the first step in a lengthy campaign to seize control of the freeholds of music venue premises and transfer them under a special protection of benevolent ownership, the MVT introduced “Own Our Venues” in June.

The initiative, according to a statement, is based on the Community Share model, which has been successful in preserving and protecting neighborhood pubs, post offices, and sports facilities. It aims to raise £3.5 million in initial investments in order to buy nine venues by the end of 2022.

These locations are taking part in a pilot experiment that will allow the plan to demonstrate its viability. As soon as new venue freeholds become available, they will be found and acquired. The venues will be given assistance with insurance and building repairs after the purchase is complete, as well as a rent decrease that takes effect right away. Additionally, the premises will have long-term security and stable rents assured.

Sheeran, a steadfast advocate of grassroots venues, stated: “’Own Our Venues’ is an initiative I’m really passionate about getting behind. Small, independent venues are so, so important to the music community, and I’ve played some of my favourite gigs of my career in these rooms. We’ve got to do all we can to protect these beautiful venues that we’ve all come to love for years to come.”

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