Theo James Claims The “White Lotus” Nude Scene Was Originally “Way Too Much” And Was Reshot In A “More Subtle” Manner

According to Theo James, the original naked scene shot of his character in “The White Lotus” was “way too much,” so they reshot it to be a little “more subtle.” On the show about tourists at an opulent hotel in Sicily, the actor portrays Cameron Babcock, a successful businessman and new character. On Sunday, the second season’s debut episode aired.

In a scene in the premiere while he is donning a bathing costume, Babcock removes his clothes. The entire rear of him is shown, along with a portion of his front. The actor made light of his “contract,” saying to Entertainment Tonight, “I’m not permitted to do anything without being absolutely naked.”

James said that many of the actors have done nude scenes on the HBO show, including himself. He’s had notable nude scenes in “The Time Traveler’s Wife” and “Sanditon.”

“It’s funny ’cause we’re all kind of naked. It’s a holiday show, really,” he said.

The nudity in the program, he continued, is always “extremely particular” and advances the story. It is “never arbitrary and “always character driven,” according to co-star Meghann Fahy, who plays James’ wife. He claimed stripping off on the camera felt “natural.” In the scene, James dons a bathing suit after his college friend’s wife (Aubrey Plaza) presents him a pair of swimming trunks.

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