“This Is America” By Childish Gambino Was Originally Meant To Be A Drake Diss Track

Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, has spoken out regarding the creation of his 2018 hit song “This Is America,” saying that Drake was the target of the song’s original intent as a diss track. In addition, Glover discussed the backstories of some of his most well-known characters in a recent interview with GQ while sitting in an orange orchard.

The multi-hyphenate shared his background in music, which featured “love at first sight” with legendary composer Ludwig Göransson, who worked on Community and all of Glover’s albums as Childish Gambino, as well as the frenetic process he underwent to create his biggest hit.

Glover continued by saying that the song “began as a Drake insult,” presumably alluding that the primary phrase was originally a dig at Drake’s native Canada. Glover also reiterated that Michael Jackson’s renowned “Thriller” film strongly influenced his dancing techniques for the “This Is America” music video, adding that he and his team “studied” the clip “for a long time.”

Glover claimed that his ultimate aim with “This Is America” was to produce a “moment” that would capture the spirit of the year 2018. On the visual design of the video, Glover said it was “planned” to record on film stock, and the dance is shown in three continuous takes because it needs to seem like a moment. Watch the full interview below.

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