Timaya Laments Publicly Over Not Finding Love

Inetimi Odon, alias Timaya, a well-known singer, has expressed concern about the difficulty of finding true love in recent years. Timaya published this on his Twitter account and asked followers about the touchy subject. He noticed that love has grown elusive, like a difficult task. The singer then asked his audience if it was just a personal problem or if it also affected them.


Some fans supported him, emphasizing that it is a universal problem, while others remarked that love is genuine and not hard to find. Finding a woman seems like a pressing issue for Timaya because, in an interview recently, he said not all relationships must lead to marriage. He did admit to having a girlfriend, though. He just isn’t ready for the responsibility that is marriage.

Since he has a woman, why would he pose the question of finding true love? Or could there be trouble in paradise? When you deep it, the singer’s situation is not so hard to understand what a man as successful as Timaya could be experiencing with women. At such a tremendous height in his life and career, it has probably become difficult to determine who is around him for him or for the material things or the soft life he can offer. Hopefully, he finds Mrs. Right before he gives up on women entirely.

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