Timaya Premieres New Single, “My Moto” — Listen

New music out Thursday. Those were the words of the Nigerian singer Rumaya days ago, writing to his Instagram fans. And true to those words, the songster has just tl released a new song. It goes by the title “My Moto.”

If you’re a lover of pidgin stew, then you probably know from the title of the song that it references a vehicle or means of locomotion, which is even accentuated by the cover art showing the songster in a sportscar.

It’s been a while since Timaya released a song, so there is noticeable excitement over what he has just dropped. The good thing is that, in retrospect, 4he wait was worth it.

This number has a wild vibrancy and should easily take a spot as a party anthem. It is one of those numbers that appear to be meant for the weekend — a period when you just want to have a good time without any distractions.

And with less than 48 hours to the weekend, we see many people out there clearing spaces on their playlists to accommodate what Papi Chili has just put together.

We wouldn’t call this the finest from Timaya, but it is worth playing. So, yea, blast off that number!

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