Timaya Says Relationships Don’t Have To End In Marriage

Nigerian Afrobeats singer Timaya says relationships do not have to end in marriage.

It is a norm in Nigeria that people get married after dating for some time. It is basically called settling down for most. However, several Nigerian artists are not bothered by it. They only want to spend time with the people they love and not put labels on them.

In a recent interview, Afrobeats star Timaya opens up about his relationship status. The singer was once believed to be married, but he cleared every suspicion by saying he isn’t. He revealed that he has a girlfriend who he loves. According to him, he’s not a confused man and does not want to have many women in his life.

He opened up about the previous women he dated and broke up with because they asked where the relationship was headed. He also revealed that he wasn’t ready to be married to anyone because it could end up becoming boring. Timaya and his girlfriend have kids.



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