Time For A Break? : Rema Hints At Taking A Break From Making Music

Afrobeats Sensation Devine Iruabor, also globally known as Rema, has hinted at taking a break from music in the coming months. The Star revealed this stance in a cryptic tweet.

Time For A Break? : Rema Hints At Taking A Break From Making Music, Yours Truly, News, February 26, 2024

The Star, who isn’t on Tour, took time to get new tattoos and plans to show them off on his socials. Rema, who had a fantastic run in 2022, is on some vacation to rest and won’t be releasing new music soon. But he seemed to imply that the next time he releases a new song, it will be at the request of his fans.
Rema pleaded with fans of his music to inform him when they want him to create another “number-one song” for them.

Rema uploaded a picture of himself getting inked on Twitter, along with the following statement:

He wrote, “LMK when you need new music,” implying that it may be a little while before he puts out another project.

Rema’s incredible run of 2022 saw his chart-topping song “Calm down” included in the prestigious Obama Playlist alongside Burna Boy’s “Last Last,” and he has since thanked the former POTUS for the recognition.

His “calm down” video is now the most watched Afrobeats Video of all time with over 355 million views and has overtaken Ckay’s “Love Nwantiti” for the honors.

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