Timi Dakolo Questions Which Biblical Verse Says To “Forgive And Forget”

The popular singer Timi Dakolo has questioned the rationale behind the adage “forgive and forget.” He asked from what part of the Bible it was said to forgive and forget. Dakolo asked his followers to share a verse from the Bible that instructs Christians to “forgive and forget” those who have wronged them in a post on his Instagram page. The singer claimed that he has yet to find the proverb “forgive and forget” in the Bible, even though he disagrees with it.

Timi Dakolo Questions Which Biblical Verse Says To &Quot;Forgive And Forget&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, April 14, 2024

Still within the confines of religion, Timi Dakolo, a week ago, warned Nigerians to avoid any gatherings that promote negativity just in the name of religion. The musician also cautioned Nigerians to exercise extra caution in choosing the kind of religious events they attend when he shared this advice on his Instagram page. The artist asserts that God is love and that He did not create someone and then surround that person with pains and curses.

With Valentine’s Day, also known as Lover’s Day, only a few hours away, singer Timi Dakolo has obligated women to spoil their partners to the fullest. In a tweet, Dakolo said why every woman should “spoil” her boyfriend on this day.

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