Tiwa Savage Reflects On The Discrimination She Encountered Early On In Her Career

Nigerian singer and the current star of and executive producer of “Water & Garri,” Tiwa Savage, discussed her path from music to filmmaking in an interview with BET Talks.

Early on in the Nigerian music industry, Tiwa Savage claimed that she encountered some discrimination due to her sensual appearance and sense of style. According to Tiwa Savage, who was speaking with host Unique Chapman, her sensuous music and skimpy attire used to have her songs banned from terrestrial stations and even lead her to cease touring.

Tiwa Savage continued by saying she has heard numerous accounts from female singers who have gone through same situations. Tiwa Savage also emphasized that, despite receiving criticism for her provocative style, she was acquiring the respect and allegiance of female fans, who increased her fan base to the point that concert promoters and the media could no longer ignore her.

Tiwa Savage has been one of the most well-known figures in Nigerian pop music since breaking into the mainstream, and her work has contributed to the development of a feminine subgenre within the industry. After starring in and executive producing her first feature film, “Water & Garri,” she recently ventured into the film industry.

Watch the full interview below:

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