Tiwa Savage’s Son, Jamil, Vows To “Break Hearts” To Which Tiwa Responds

Recently, a video of well-known Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage and her son Jamil Balogun, commonly known as JamJam, appeared online, triggering many responses from online users. In the Instagram live session video, Tiwa Savage adopts a motherly tone as she warns her son after learning that he intends to shatter many people’s hearts.

This comes after Tiwa Savage voiced her doubts about whether she should keep releasing songs or put her interests first. Standing at the corner of the bed, Jamil advised his mother to concentrate on breaking people’s hearts since he intended to do the same. Jamil was immediately warned by Tiwa, though in a relatively gentle manner, not to run off breaking anyone’s heart, not even his.

The young lad probably fancies how the phrase “break hearts” sounds to the ears. Hopefully, he does not experience it to know how it sounds to the heart. Still in the clip, the superstar singer later praised herself for “killing” her verses in recent releases, and Jamil came for her again, condemning killing and saying it was bad. Tiwa ‘face-palmed’ herself as she tried to wriggle out of that tight corner by replacing “kill” with “slay.” Watch the adorable moments below.

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