Tony Yayo Testifies That 50 Cent Gives His Artists A Better Treatment Than Jay-Z

Tony Yayo believes that 50 Cent treats his artists better and provides them with more opportunities for success than JAY-Z does with his clients, and he is not having any of it. Yayo credited 50 Cent for allowing him to tour and travel even after he was past his peak in an interview with Thisis50. He stated he appreciated Uncle Murda’s grind, who was present for the interview, and he had a different path to get here.

When Murda was initially signed to JAY-Z’s Roc-A-Fella Records in 2007, he got a lot of support. First, Uncle Murda interjected to say that Yayo enjoys having fun and related a tale about a party they had recently where several famous people, including the Kardashians and Serena Williams, were present. Murda claimed that Yayo made a playful shot at Hov and his hospitality.

Then, Murda said that JAY-Z had given him his first six-figure check and praised him for it. But then, Yayo wanted to set the record straight and clarify his points. Along with possibilities, 50 Cent has provided his artists—particularly Tony Yayo—tips that could save their lives. Back in August, Yayo discussed the comparison between 50 Cent and Jay-Z on DJ Vlad’s show. He said the “In Da Club” rapper saved $1 million for him while incarcerated.

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