Tory Lanez’ Appeal Hit With Another Obstacle As Prosecutor’s Request Creates Setback

Another delay has been added to Canadian rapper Tory Lanez’s appeal of his conviction for shooting fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion, as the court has granted the government’s most recent request.

Lanez’s opening brief, which presents his cause for appeal, must be answered by the government. That brief was turned in by Lanez’s legal team at the end of February. In March, the judge granted the prosecutors’ request for an extension of time to reply to Lanez’s case, granting them until May 28. On Tuesday, May 21, the prosecution requested an additional extension, which was approved on Thursday, May 23.

The prosecution now has until June 27th to submit a response to Lanez’s brief. The 103-page opening brief for the case filed by the Canadian rapper/singer Daystar Peterson in February was centered on the allegations of “Erroneous Admission of Evidence” and “Prosecutorial Misconduct.” Law & Crime writer Meghann Cuniff noted that “the arguments largely match arguments made in his motion for a new trial that Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge David Herriford rejected in May.”

With the official sending of Lanez to serve his sentence in September, the high-profile shooting case came to an end. Judge David Herriford had sentenced him to ten years in prison the previous month, which was three years less than what the prosecution had requested.

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