Tory Lanez & Justin Bieber Meet Up In The Studio

Tory Lanez linked up with Justin Bieber in the studio, as he expresses sincere admiration for the Biebs, saying he is “one of the most honest and solid people” he’s met.

Lanez has been quite the topic of controversy and gossip following the unsolved incident that involved him and Megan Thee Stallion back in July 2020. But the multi-entertainer has been forging ahead with his career ever since, going on to release two more albums, Alone At Prom and Playboy, both applauded and successful.

Is he stopping there? Nope! From the looks of it, he’s cooking up something fresh with Bieber.

Tory got on his IG page to share a photo that showed himself and Bieber in the studio, singing the young hitmaker’s praises in the caption.

Tory Lanez &Amp; Justin Bieber Meet Up In The Studio, Yours Truly, News, May 20, 2024
Source: @Torylanez (Instagram)


@justinbieber !! 🍾🍾💪🏾One of the most honest and solid people I’ve met throughout my career … incredible human being … timeless soul ! I owe bro 1000000 favors ☔️💪🏾🍾🔥 “lil big bro” 😂

Of course, people quickly dove into the comment section bearing questions about what they may be working on, but neither Tory nor Bieber was giving up any details.

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