Travis Scott Accused By Astroworld Victim’s Family Of Pulling A “PR Stunt” With His New Initiative

Travis Scott is being called out for his “Project HEAL” initiative.

Travis Scott is still under heavy scrutiny and criticism for his alleged role he played in the tragic Astroworld Festival event. Regardless of that, the rapper has evidently been putting in significant effort to make the public see him in a different light over the past few months. On Thursday, March 10th, the Scott announced “Project Heal”, a $5M philanthropic initiative that focuses on concert safety.

The initiative is centered on providing funding geared towards event safety which includes tech solutions that could help prevent what had happened from repeating itself at future events.

Sadly, not everyone believes Travis has genuine intentions with the aid he wants to provide large-scale events with to prevent future tragedies. Tericia Blount, grandmother to the late 9-year-old Ezra Blount who lost his life at the festival, called the rapper out in an interview with Rolling Stone for “trying to sway the jurors.”

“It’s a PR stunt. He’s pretty much trying to sway the jurors before they’re even assembled,” said Blount. “He’s trying to make himself look good, but it doesn’t look that way to someone with our eyes. What we’re seeing is that he’s done wrong, and now he’s trying to be the good guy and trying to give his own verdict on safety.”

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