Travis Scott Faces Fresh Lawsuit Over Stampede At Rolling Loud

Rapper Travis Scott is facing a new lawsuit over the stampede at his 2019 concert. The rapper who was last month added last month to the existing suit is accused of inciting a stampede during his performance at Rolling Loud in Miami. The lawsuit was filed against Rolling Loud’s organisers in 2020 by Marchelle Love, who claims she was severely injured during the May 2019 incident.

Love’s attorneys are alleging that Travis did not only ignore repeated calls from the police to stop his performance because the crowd was getting out of control, but he also allegedly incited fans even more. According to a report by the Billboard, The police are also alleging that other preventive measures for crowd control failed due to the rapper’s incitement and his subsequent encouragement of the crowd at the concert to engage in hazardous activities.

In a new turn of events, the legal representatives of rapper Travis Scott have described the new accusations as a blatant, cynical attempt to attack Travis over a  deliberately misrepresented 3-year-old incident. In their statement, the rapper had nothing to do with the stampede at Rolling Loud as it was unrelated to the rapper’s performance. Instead, the rapper only continued with his performance when he realised the disturbance was from a false report of a shooting outside his performance lobby.

Describing the lawsuit as blatant opportunism, Scott’s lawyers indicated there might be an ulterior motive for the rapper’s inclusion in the lawsuit, given that he was absent from the original and four other updated versions.

This lawsuit is the latest in a long list of lawsuits that have followed the alleged involvement of Travis in the fatal Astroworld festival tragedy, where 10 people died and hundreds more were injured following a crowd surge.

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