Trick Daddy Has Reason To Believe That Yung Miami Gets More Attention Than JT

The City Girls aren’t going anywhere, whether you like them or not. The powerful Florida pair has been dominating the Rap scene for years, and Yung Miami and JT continue to be strong forces with each new album or alliance. Not only do the best friends envisage themselves being together for a long time, but they also encourage one another’s separate projects, such as Yung Miami’s new Revolt series, Caresha Please.

Trick Daddy recently appeared on Raquel Harper’s It’s Tricky, and during the interview, he stated that people aren’t looking for JT in the same manner that they are looking for Miami. While explaining his remarks, he insisted that he just has affection for both of them.

“I’m not saying that to the talent-wise, ’cause the City Girls is the hottest group out there talent-wise. I’m talking about for the stuff that she is promoting,” said Trick, before launching into a series of jokes. “Now, I seen Caresha on her podcast, she had P. Diddy on there blushing like a 14-year-old boy. She got something down there, you feel me? I don’t know what Caresha got going on, but she got something down there.”

“But, I know JT ain’t one of ’em that they lookin’ for. That’s all I’m saying,” he added.

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