Tupac’s Sister Accuses Trustee Of Embezzling Millions From Mother’s Estate

Tupac’s sister has accused trustee of embezzling millions from their mother’s estate.

Hip Hop icon, Tupac’s sister, Sekyiwa Shakur is suing the executor of their late mother’s estate. She has accused him of having “embezzled millions” from the estate and refusing to hand over items of “tremendous sentimental value” that belonged to the iconic rapper. This includes Gold records.

The suit was filed on Monday, January 10 in Los Angeles court. In the lawsuit, Sekyiwa and The Tupac Shakur Foundation accused executor, Tom Whalley of “blatant violations” of his duties in her late mother, Afeni Shakur-Davis’ estate. She equally accused him of putting himself in a key management role disregarding a conflict of interest.

Late Afeni Shakur-Davis was named beneficiary of his estate following his much talked about death after a shooting in 1996. After Afeni’s death in 2016, Tom Whalley was named the estate’s executor.

In the written lawsuit, Sekyiwa says Whalley “has effectively embezzled millions of dollars for his own benefit”. She also accuses him of enriching himself “unreasonably” “at the expense of the beneficiaries and in bad faith by taking excessive compensation in a position from which he should properly be barred based on the inherent conflict of interest.”

She claims he hired himself as manager of Amaru Entertainment, the label that released some of the Hip Hop icon’s music. She further claims that he “has already received more than $5.5 million” (paid by him, Whalley) “in the last five years through Amaru”.

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