Turk Discloses A Time He Shared An STD With Lil Wayne

In a recent episode of the podcast, Turk stunned hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN by admitting that he contracted an STD from Lil Wayne. The former Hot Boy felt more at ease discussing his experiences as the booze kept coming.

“Me and Wayne caught crabs together,” he explained. “But listen […] A lot of people try to turn people’s testimony into a mess-imony. That’s what they try to do. But my thing is … I’m just sayin’. Y’all gotta hear me out. “They be like, ‘Bro, why you bringing that shit up?’ Because bro, it’s a lot of youth out there doing the shit that we was doing, so I gotta tell them, ‘Bro, I understand what y’all doing through, but check this out. It just ain’t the AIDS out there, you could catch this.”

He continued: “Now they got the Monkey Pox and all this shit. They got all kinds of shit out there. So, I was doing an interview and I say something up it, and they like, ’Man, you bringing that old shit up?’ N-gga, this my story! The fuck? […] If they can tell they story, I can tell mine.”

The clip didn’t offer any further specifics on how or when Turk and Lil Wayne contracted the STD, although Turk has repeated the story multiple times. He admitted that they both caught crabs after sleeping with two Houston-based women in a 2020 interview with Off The Porch.

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