Tyler, The Creator “HOT WIND BLOWS” Video

Tyler, The Creator has released a new music video for his song “Hot Wind Blows,” which is from his Grammy-winning album Call Me If You Get Lost, which was released in 2021. Tyler directed the video, just like the four other videos he’s released lately.

Tyler flaunts his opulent lifestyle in Geneva, Switzerland, where he can be seen chilling on a boat and sampling cheese from a woman’s cheese room.

Lazaro Rodriguez directed the video, which was recorded on a handheld tour in 2022. Penny Goodwin’s 1974 song Slow, Hot, Wind inspired the tune.

Tyler’s new album, Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale, is a follow-up to his sixth studio album, Call Me If You Get Lost, and includes eight new tracks that were not included on the original album.

Tyler, The Creator has gone a long way since the release of his debut album, Goblin, in 2011. With his distinct style, he has carved out his own niche in rap, winning numerous awards, including the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album in 2020. Tyler showcases his talents, success, and luxurious lives in “Hot Wind Blows,” which is a frequent theme in his releases.

The music video for “Hot Wind Blows” flawlessly complements the song. It depicts Tyler’s lavish lifestyle, in contrast to his previous music videos, which were often gloomy and gritty. The video flawlessly captures the essence of the song, with shots of Tyler living it up in Geneva, Switzerland.

Lazaro Rodriguez, the video’s director, does an excellent job of capturing the song’s essence, displaying Tyler’s braggadocio lyrics and his luxurious lifestyle.

“Hot Wind Blows” exemplifies Tyler, The Creator’s success and creative development over the years. Tyler’s distinct styles are flawlessly captured and showcased in the song and video. Tyler continues to push the limits of the rap genre with his newest album, Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale, carving out his own lane and cementing his position as one of the best rappers of his generation.

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