Tyrese Lambasts Charlamagne Tha God For Song Criticism

Charlamagne Tha God just gave Tyrese’s new single a harsh review, and the rapper has responded with some strong remarks. On Instagram, the Fast & Furious star lashed out at Charlamagne on Monday (March 20), claiming that the DJ disregarded the remix to his song “Don’t Think You Ever Loved Me.” Charlamagne addressed Tyrese’s remarks on The Breakfast Club on Tuesday, March 21.

Charlamagne admitted that he did tell Tyrese he could care less about the music when Jason Lee (the most recent guest host of the show) questioned him about Tyrese’s post. However, he claimed that Tyrese only contacts him when he needs something. Tyrese’s only comeback was poking fun at Charlamagne’s complexion, but he turned around, in another reply, to ask for the OAP’s assistance. He also said he would visit the radio host to hash out the situation.

In other Tyrese news, the singer spoke up about how his psych medications affected his mental health and judgment, which unluckily came out in the light. He explained to Sway In the Morning earlier this month how taking drugs like Rexulti made him fabricate stories about Will Smith giving him $5 million or his ex-wife becoming pregnant. In the meantime, check out Charlamagne’s remarks that sparked the back-and-forth in the clip below.

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