UFC Champion Israel Adesanya Celebrates Victory With Adekunle Gold & Usman Kamaru in Viral Dance Video

Nigerian UFC fighter Israel Adesanya recently won his middleweight belt after defeating Brazilian fighter Alex Pereira in the second round with a vicious knock-out combination. A video of Adesanya and other Nigerians Adekunle Gold and Usman Kamaru dancing to a Davido song in a Miami bar went viral hours later.

Adekunle Gold had attended the fight and had been vocal about his support for Adesanya on social media throughout the event. The three entertainers were seen enjoying themselves in the viral video, seemingly carefree.

However, several internet users used the occasion to mock reality TV personality Tolani Baj, who had previously stated that wealthy men do not dance in clubs. The video shows Adesanya, Gold, and Kamaru letting loose and showing off their dance talents.

Adesanya’s victory is particularly impressive given that he had previously lost to Polish fighter Jan Blachowicz in March 2021. The victory cements his standing as one of the top competitors in the UFC and establishes him as a Nigerian athletic legend.

The video of Adesanya and his buddies dancing has gone viral, with many fans expressing their delight at watching the fighter celebrate his victory with his fellow Nigerians. The video demonstrates the power of sport in uniting people and celebrating shared successes.

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