Usher Gives Heart-Warming Update On Justin Bieber’s Ramsay Hunt Diagnosis

Massive signs swept through the music universe last month when Justin Bieber revealed that he was suffering from Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which made a part of his face loose. But there appears to be good news on the horizon as celebrated singer Usher noted in a recent interview that the songster was doing okay.

Speaking to Extra TV, Usher had noted that he talked to the Canadian during a recent vacation, and the two hanged out. He said the Canadian is doing great, supported by his family and fans.

He expressed pleasure in having been at the beginning of Justin Bieber’s career as a musician and still being around as a friend now that the songster has become a global voice and a respected brand.

Justine Bieber has had to cancel his “Justice” world tour as a result of his affliction. The tour was named after his recent album. At the time he announced the cancellation, he also spoke of his facial paralysis, the result of the Ramsay Hunt syndrome last month.

By the way, since he informed the world about his affliction, there has been an outpouring of good wishes and prayers for his healing from around the world.

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