Vanished Country Singer Luke Bell Found Dead At 32

Death be not proud, though some have called thee mighty and dreadful… that’s the call, a stubborn resistance of the inevitable, which intrudes now and again. But, sadly, death has won early again. Country singer Luke Bell has been reported dead at 32.

His friend and collaborator Matt Kinman confirmed the death. The two pals had travelled to Arizona to work, but Bell went missing on August 20 in Tucson. About a week after his disappearance, he was found near where he disappeared.

The cause of death has not been determined. However, until his death, Luke Bell was known to suffer from severe bipolar disorder, which means, for the most part, some people might find his behaviour puzzling and even irritating.

Severe bipolar disorder is characterised by a feeling of emptiness and worthlessness, memory problems, pessimism and difficulty concentrating, among others.

The news of his death hit the country music universe like a hammer. Social media has been inundated with messages from fans and associates alike, each mourning the untimely passing of the singer, who stood out for songs like “Ragtime Troubles” and “Where Ya Been?”

Luke Bell will be sorely missed for the life he brought to his performances and for his general contributions to the world’s country space.

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