Victony Delivers “Soweto” Remix 2.0 Featuring Omah Lay

Victony and Omah Lay form a creative collaboration in the Afrobeats scene to provide fans with the long-awaited second remix of “Soweto” (2.0).

The initial release of Victony and Tempoe’s Soweto Remix, which included the incredible skills of Don Toliver and Rema, sent shockwaves through the Afrobeats scene, leaving fans happy and seeking more. During this craze, an unofficial rendition featuring Omah Lay’s distinct vocal stylings appeared on social media, attracting listeners and spreading like wildfire.Victony Delivers &Quot;Soweto&Quot; Remix 2.0 Featuring Omah Lay, Yours Truly, News, May 19, 2024

Fans were lured to the hypnotic harmony and engaging melodies of the unofficial “Soweto” Remix with Omah Lay’s lovely voice as it traveled across the digital sphere. With the mounting clamor for an official release, the fandom’s collective voice went out on social media, encouraging Victony to release this rendition.

Victony responded to the cry of his passionate fan base by releasing the long-awaited second Soweto Remix, which featured the outstanding singer-songwriter Omah Lay. This stunning collaboration fulfills fans’ collective desires, as the magnificent spirit of the Soweto Remix shines through once more, complemented by Omah Lay’s distinctive touch.

You may listen to the Soweto Remix 2.0.

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