Victony Shares A Touching Message From His Mother On The Occasion Of His 22nd Birthday

Fast-rising Nigerian singer Victony just turned twenty-two! And to celebrate his birth anniversary, his mother wrote a long, heartwarming message for the singer, which he shared screenshots of on social media. Victony, on his Twitter handle, displayed the private chat between him and his mother, eliciting kind, warm birthday wishes from fans. In addition, Victony’s mother detailed in her message the challenges and trials she faced while pregnant with him.

Some health scares threatened his life even after the singer’s birth, according to his mom. What is most beautiful about her message to her son is that amidst all she faced, she never thought of Vic as a ‘problem child,’ instead, she recognized that there was something special about her boy, which is not very common in the regular dysfunctional African home setting as we know it. She was so affectionate in her message, expressing her unwavering love for her son and urging him to hold on tightly to God, who has continually shown him love and preserved his life. She also pleaded that he read her message meditatively.

Replying to his mother’s lengthy text, Victony thanked her profusely, admitting that he was not aware of all the crazy experiences she had relayed. Indeed it is a rare privilege to have a mother like Victony’s.

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